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FIller Sketch
by vakema123

I have started a filler story to bridge the gap between Jakes updates, however it is only avalible on our website

by vakema123

Finally  fixed Withers intro. Sorry, should have done that a long time ago. It is on page #19.

NOT on hiatus
by vakema123

Just so you guys know we are back from bronycon, and are NOT on hiatus. The last update was quite a while ago now, but we are not on hiatus. Expect a new page every weekend for at least 3 weeks. Maybe 2 on the second weekend.

by Skinamulink

No update this weekend, due to us being at BronyCon! If you care/want to meet us, just look for Lilpip or Blackjack! I'm (artist) going as Blackjack, so just look for the riot armor and red&black hair, and that other guy (writer) is going as everyone's favorite, Littlepip, so look out for that vault suit and PipBuck!

quick note
by Skinamulink

The next update might (probably wont) be late next weekend, as I'm working on some animation practice/personal projects that'll in the  long run help raise the comics quality. bear with me!